• Preventing toxic landfill fires with thermal surveillance

    Innovations in thermal detection technology make it much easier for waste management companies to prevent fires before they happen — not only making the job safer but also avoiding environmental pollution and saving precious resources during summer droughts.  

  • Thrive Restaurant Group consolidates vendors for hardened security and more efficient operations

    The restaurant group that owns more than 80 locations was dealing outdated legacy hardware and changing regulations, which posed a challenge for a 45-year-old company like Thrive. Unreliable CCTV equipment left the restaurants vulnerable to security risks. Constantly evolving PCI-compliance rules meant the company had to devote hours of his limited bandwidth to keeping up with the latest changes and updates so Thrive could avoid major penalties and security threats.

  • To keep pace with digital devices used in the course of crimes, Argentina’s border guard force uses a combination of technology and teamwork

    Protecting Argentina’s 9,300-kilometer border with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay requires significant attention from the Gendarmería Nacional Argentina (GNA), the country's 70,000-person border guard force located in the capital city of Buenos Aires. The GNA, as well as their border force colleagues in neighboring countries, must also grapple with cross-border crime that take advantage of the close ties among the region’s economies. According to Interpol, illicit markets in these border regions may be worth tens of billions of dollars.

  • How Southwest Airlines Has Improved Bag Security

    Airlines rely on baggage tugs to quickly transport luggage from planes to baggage reclaim areas for customers. However, airlines often find they have to deal with operational issues such as ground support employees believing all vehicles are assigned to employees when there are many unassigned, decreasing employee productivity. 

  • New Payroll and Scheduling Solutions Cuts Processing Times By Over 50%

    Implementing Valiant for scheduling and payroll, Securiguard’s finance department has been able to cut payroll processing time by over 50%, while achieving time collection workflow efficiencies.

  • Enhancing Public Safety with Video Surveillance Integration

    Launched in 2007, Operation Shield is an initiative of the Atlanta Police Foundation and the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to generate effective communication between the APD and both the public and private sectors and create a force multiplier for crime prevention and emergency preparedness. Through the Operation Shield Video Integration Center (VIC), APD officers are able to use software to monitor video feeds from both public and private sector cameras.

  • Using Insurance Credits to Justify Security Investments

    Your insurer is your partner in the risk business. The more insurers understand how security products can impact risk mitigation, the more effectively they will be able to price premiums. Your company’s insurance rates are commensurate with your risk exposure,” says Neil Lakomiak, Business Development Director, Building and Life Safety Technologies for UL LLC.

  • Demand for Terrorism Risk Insurance Continues

    Massachusetts has the highest rate of property terrorism insurance take-up (84 percent), followed by Maryland at 81 percent.

  • "Fair Chance" Legislation Changes Background Check Rules in San Francisco

    Employers cannot inquire into or run background checks involving criminal history until after the first live interview (including telephone or videoconference) or a conditional offer of employment. Employers cannot seek criminal conviction information on job applicants.

  • How Canines Can Boost Security and Detection

    With the collapse of the World Trade Center in 2001, a pilot program called Puppies Behind Bars entered the War on Terror. First, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, one of the country’s largest Contract Working Dog (CWD) employers, came knocking.

  • Top 10 Background Check Trends for 2014

    Background screening is often the first line of defense against insider threats in an enterprise, but according to Employment Screening Resources CEO and Founder, attorney Lester Rosen, “2014 promises to be the year of challenges in screening.”

  • The Due Diligence of Effective Background Screening

     Most companies understand that one negative workplace incident can cripple a business; therefore an effective background check is vital to the well-being of the organization and staff. Moreover it is the imperative of Chief Security Officers and Human Resources to work together to ensure the due diligence of comprehensive background screening.