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Security Assessments


Define the scope of you assessment based on needs and budget.


We’ll address every concern and compile a digestible after-action report.


Learn the gaps in your technology’s security and how to fix them.


Over 25 years of experience assessing, quoting, and implementing

Be confident in the security of your network by having UplinkIT assess its ability to defend against attacks

There are two types of companies in this world: Those who test their network’s security and those who don’t. Even the largest organizations understand the need of having a second set of eyes look things over. With the best of intentions, things can be missed. But what about the small businesses who are just trying to access the internet as part of their operations? Who’s looking after them? That’s where a firm like UplinkIT comes in. We specialize in assessing and offering budget-friendly security recommendations that add the greatest amount of value in improving a small business’ security posture. Because even the smallest of businesses can be targets. And having a ransomware virus or malicious attacker penetrate your network could mean losing time, losing data, and ultimately, losing money. Rather than risk the well-being of your company, allow UplinkIT to test your defenses and see where improvements can be made before an attacker decides to test them for you.