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Who we are?

Your partner, providing value
for every dollar spent with us

UplinkIT understands that costs are always a concern for every business, so we make it a point to drive value wherever we can in our customer relationships.

We Care

Without our customers, there is no UplinkIT. And we make it a point to recognize that in the way we conduct our business and provide our services.

We're Driven

Challenges are what make a good service provider better. At UplinkIT, we push ourselves every day to deliver a more seamless technology experience.

We're Innovative

At UplinkIT, we strive to be on the cutting edge. We make it a point to find ways to deliver novel solutions at prices that work for you.

We Give Back

Charity is a big part of UplinkIT. We also make it our business to subsidize costs of non-profits that have a positive impact on the community.


How we build lasting partnerships

Find understanding

Work closely with the customer to learn about who they are, what drives them, and where they want to go.

Forge a path forward

Determine a direction – Find the avenues that work in the best interest of the customer to achieve their goals.

Plan within means

Guide the customer towards solutions that add the value they need at a cost they find reasonable.

Share the burden

Partnerships exist during good and bad times, but the one thing that must be consistent is reliability.

Be diligent

A partner’s well-being is our well-being. We aim to provide the attention and level of dedication you expect.

Nurture the relationship

Communication, outreach, and a willingness to adapt – These are the ongoing aspects you can expect from UplinkIT.