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Hosted VOIP / Premises Telephony


Find a phone system that can grow with you in price and features


Pay for each phone, get the functionality and support you need


Find a system that delivers on stability, call clarity, and consistent pricing


Over 25 years of experience assessing, quoting, and implementing

UplinkIT can care for all of your telephony needs: We install and maintain hosted voice over IP as well as on-premises hybrid or digital systems

Purchasing a new phone system is a significant investment for any company because it’s a technology that doesn’t change often and is expected to last a decade or longer. With years of experience quoting, installing, and maintaining systems of many sizes across numerous industries, UplinkIT has the know-how to make your next phone system replacement a seamless, satisfying experience. And unlike many of our competitors in the industry, we can bridge the gap between traditional telephony and cutting-edge network technology when deploying pure VOIP or hybrid systems that require integration into a client’s network. We’re able to program our own data switches and routers, or assist your IT department in configuring its own equipment. Call us today to find out how UplinkIT can help you find the right phone system to fit your organization.