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Enterprise / Fixed Wireless


Deploy a wireless footprint to adapt to user needs or expansion goals


Wireless can bridge the gaps where wired connections can’t reach


Control your wireless reach in a way that balances usability with security


Over 25 years of experience assessing, quoting, and implementing

UplinkIT can help determine and implement a wireless strategy that aligns with your business objectives

Planning an effective wireless strategy is far from straightforward. From different building materials affecting signal strength to a constantly changing number of users and application demands – Knowing how to properly implement a wireless solution that doesn’t bog down or reach capacity can be daunting. But whether your intention is to develop a scalable BYOD plan or connect multiple remote sites together in a flexible, cost-conducive way, wireless has many applications that can help a company achieve tangible goals. UplinkIT can help you reach these goals by surveying, planning, proposing, and executing on your initiatives, so you can reap the rewards of this highly effective technology.